I was born in Gothenburg -Sweden 1971.
In December 1997 I graduated with the University degree in dental surgery.
From March 1998 until September 1999 I did my statutory service in the Greek army.
From October 1999 until March 2016 I worked on England as a dental surgeon. The first 6 years I work under the NHS services and the last 11 years as the principal dentist of private dental clinic. I have participated in hundreds of seminars as part of a life long learning opposed by the British General Dental Council.
The most important to me are:

  • Seminar for tooth whitening in 2003.
  • Seminar in cosmetic dentistry with duration one year in 2005.
  • 4 seminars in 2006 in endodontics made simple.
  • Seminar in dental implants in 2009 With duration one year.
  • The last three years I participated in many seminars regarding prosthetic works over dental implants. I have done many cases of restorations over dental implants the last three years but I do not place dental implants my self yet! I intend although to invite an experienced oral surgeon to work at my dental surgery and place dental implants and perform surgical extractions of impacted or semi impacted wisdom teeth.